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Monday, April 24, 2017

All in the Family

When you live on an acreage in Texas
you tend to accumulate animals of various shapes and sizes,
so when I asked for our young Texans to pose for an Easter picture...
...well there were a few extras!
There are their two Australian Shepherds,
Sky who is 11 years old and Mama to many....
and Zoe, her great-granddaughter,
11 months old and full of energy.
 And then there are the two kittens,
brothers named Clark...
 ...and Lewis...
 ...yes, that's right,
Lewis and Clark,
named by Caily who loves reading historical novels.
They are usually seen together,
whether out in the yard,
or curled up in their bed on the porch,
and they love attention!
There is also Twinkle,
the more traditional aloof cat,
who only shows up on her own terms
preferably after the dogs are both sound asleep.
 Of course you can't forget the chickens,
the rooster, Spot...
 ...and all his ladies!
Fresh Eggs anyone?
 Finally, there is Biscuit,
but more about him another day.
 Yes, they are definitely all in the family!

1 comment:

Anneliese said...

Such cute pictures of happy kids! I remember Jody wanting to be a vet.
Now she has her own yard full of animals to care for with lots of help.