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Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Good Reminder

Since we moved to our oasis(I feel like that when I am sitting on our patio, listening and watching the birds, and reading a book with not a single other soul in sight, I have often marveled at the ridiculous amount of 'Stuff' that people around us seem to collect. Double and triple garages so full that the three vehicles all sit outside. Really people?!!

It reminds me of two posts that I wrote when we were getting ready to move in here, that I looked up to share with a friend who was also might be perfect timing for some of you that are going through the same thing.

Here you go....check them out! ....Why do we have so much stuff? and better yet, why do we keep so much of it? How do we take a realistic look at the things we keep? My daughter has a great life motto......something in, something out. In other words, when she buys something new, something has to go. So if she buys a new shirt, an old shirt goes.

Same with children's toys and it works! Oh and speaking of toys, both our girls don't have all the toys out for the children to play with. They periodically go through them and put them in a bag, out of sight. If no one missed them, then they are gone! Good thinking ladies! .... Questions to ask when you are purging or getting ready for a move. I found these really helpful.

A couple of extra ones that I have thought of since then are:
1. Will my children know what this is? or who this is in the case of pictures? If not, then either label it or toss it.

2. Will my children know why I kept this? why it was important to me?

There you go....some more thoughts from my back patio!

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Janet said...

Great questions. We are setting aside a week this summer to declutter even we aren't moving so these will come in handy! Thanks Doris!