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Monday, May 22, 2017

Working Together

 We love our little corner of the world....
a townhouse complex but the end unit 
so sometimes we almost forget we have neighbours close by.
As Grandparents these days we often feel the need to entertain our grandchildren,
after all that's what we are here for right?
or maybe not!
 I've been thinking a lot these past weeks about our influence on the generations that follow us.
What will they remember us for?
What memories will they hold close to their hearts?
 Dave loves to work outdoors so guess what?
Our grandchildren will definitely have memories of that,
but not just him working,
but them working alongside of him.
 Friday was one of those days.
The boys had a Professional Development Day so no school,
but Dave had already arranged to borrow a friend's truck to add a load of bark mulch to our gardens.
 No problem!
The boys just got to help,
and help they did! 
They shoveled it over the brick wall into the garden,
raked it out and voila!
Everything looks fresh and clean,
no weeds,
and they had fun being part of the work team!
Not a bad memory at all!

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Anneliese said...

Your yard looks beautiful! Such great pictures to remember this time.