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Friday, November 04, 2022

Don't Be Distracted


“My son, pay attention to my wisdom, turn your ear to my words of insight.” (Proverbs 5:1)


While studying Proverbs I was struck with how many times the writer reminds us to listen, to pay attention to his wisdom, to remember what is being said. But why is that so hard to do?


I recalled a woman sharing in our church service about her experience training a young horse in a corral. Before she mounted the horse, she had moved a flower pot out of the way so that he would be able to concentrate and follow her directions. But as she rode, that young horse just kept getting distracted by the flower pot and refused to listen to her directions. It didn’t matter what she did, how she reined him in or what commands she gave, his total focus was not on the ride, but that silly flower pot! She finally had to give up!


As I listened to her recount her riding experience, I realized that is exactly what happens in my life!! I get totally distracted by the ‘flower pots’ in my life, things that aren’t quite what I would like them to be or how I had imagined they would be.  Perhaps even things I cannot change or do anything about and yet, they seem to demand my attention and suck up my energy.


Instead of quietly listening to what God promises in his Word and is saying to me in prayer, I am totally focused on other things. Like the horse with the flower pot, I am distracted and am no longer listening to my Master, the One that holds the reins and knows exactly what is best for me and which direction I need to go. I wonder why I can’t hear his voice, but is it because I’m not even listening?


How about you? What are the flower pots in your life that have distracted you? What is it that keeps you from paying attention to God’s voice and listening to what he is saying to you?


Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you that you promise to direct my life and give me wisdom if I will just listen to you. Help me Lord, not to be distracted by so many things in my life. Instead, I want to pay attention to what you are saying and make time to be still and just listen. Amen.


Throughout this Day:

What is distracting you today? Whatever it is, give it over to God and picture yourself laying it down at his feet and turning around and walking away. Then find a quiet spot to sit down with the Bible in front of you and just take time to be still and listen.

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