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Monday, August 02, 2010

When white isn't really white......

When is white not really white? When you plant a white hydrangea bush and watch it unfold. As the flowers begin to open up the centers are more yellow or light green than white.
As the days go by, and the flowers open up more, the centers of the each little flower turn white.....then pale blue.
You can see on this picture how some of the centers are small blue balls....but with each passing day, they open up to become the most delicate little blue centers!!! Who knew? Certainly not me......and I thought perhaps some of you might be just as surprised!
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Anneliese said...

So intricate... why did God go to all that detail? Does it not tell us a lot about Him?

christy said...

beautiful, my favorite flower also my wedding flower! I have a white bush as well and I can only hope my insides will turn blue cause that is just so neat and gorgeous!

Mumsey said...

Simply amazing, God has even these details in His plan.
Thank you for sharing