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Sunday, September 28, 2008

From the mountains to the ocean.....

I will lift my eyes to the mountains - where does my help come from?(psalm 121:1) This verse came to my mind as I thought back to last weekend.......
I had the blessing of seeing a dream come true for my good friend Nancy! 7 1/2 years ago we attended their church and she started dreaming about a time when I would come to their Ladies Retreat as the speaker!! And here I was.....
Together again....we have met in Michigan, Minnesota, Wyoming along with the places you would expect like BC and California! Here we are in the mountains....amidst the Redwoods....

The trees were straight and tall!
Everything was so green and it was warm!!!

The gals that were organizing the retreat gave me a big bag of of which was this Tea Towel. What a neat reminder of God's promises.....some days I need more reminders than others!

As I walked to my room I saw the colors around me....fall is here.

Saturday afternoon, my friend Linda drove me down to the ocean...Santa Cruz, right on the Boardwalk.
It was amazing....I didn't even know this existed!
We even had Caramel Apples overlooking the beach.....thanks friend!

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Danielle said...

oh heyyyy i'm jealous!!!

I see "posers" in your boardwalk picture, Heavy D in the left corner LOL, and some random girl with a blue top w/sunglasses on (looks like she is looking right at you with her hands on her hips LOLOL!) and the guy beside her pointing at some random thing. Wow!!

Glad you enjoyed Cali :) I'll be there next summer with my co-worker :D