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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I Choose Joy

For the first time in three weeks we have no house-guests and all is quiet, time to finally sit down and write down some of my thoughts of the past few days. A year ago I was introduced to the concept of choosing one word to describe or pursue for the coming year. For 2011 I chose 'Rest' and at the end of the year I could honestly say that this past year I did take time to learn how to rest. I have been praying about what my word for 2012 should be and yesterday as I was reading in Matthew 2 it came to me.

I choose joy! When the magi from the east saw the star they came to worship him(verse 2). They earnestly followed the star so they could worship Him.

In verse 10 it says that, 'when they saw the star they rejoiced with great joy' and when they saw Jesus they fell down and worshiped Him(verse 11)
This year my heart's desire is that like the wise men of old I would earnestly seek the Lord so that I too would rejoice with great joy through the ups and downs of the year. The last couple of years I have lived tired as Ann Voskamp said in her book, One Thousand Gifts(more about that book later). And it hasn't always been easy to choose joy in the midst of the fatigue and some of the physical challenges I face. But as I read yesterday I felt like God was reminding me that joy really is a choice, and that this year with His strength and in His power I will be able to once again choose joy.


Anneliese said...

I will have to think about this ... I like 'Joy" ...

do you want me to remind you half way through? Mind you... you are pretty good at it already.

Karin said...

Joy - sounds heavenly!

Unknown said...

This past year I have lost my joy of just ordinary things and the Joy of the Lord so I have also chosen Joy as my 2017 wish. I want to experience real Joy in the Lord, peace in my mind, and wisdom for new Joy!

Beck's Bulletin said...

Rita Alger,
I will definitely be praying for you(as I already have been)that God would help you to daily choose joy and that you would experience that joy in the Lord that the bible talks about...