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Friday, March 29, 2013

Lost and Found

The dream was incredibly vivid. I was lost in a big city(supposedly Vancouver but some parts sure looked a lot like Calgary! :-) and had no idea where I was. Somehow I had gotten separated from the people I had come with and here I was ..... lost.

Dreams don't make sense most of the time but at this point I knew that I was just supposed to sit down(which I did on a busy street corner) and wait for my white knight in shining armor(aka Dave) to find me....apparently somehow he was tracking me(kind of funny really). But there I sat....

Meanwhile all sorts of people from my life came by, asking if they could help. But they all got the same, I was waiting for Dave. Who of course finally showed up!

When I woke up I couldn't help by chuckle, since I'm the navigator in our family, the one who reads the maps, tells him where to turn, and where we are going...but that's ok. It was just a dream. Or was it?

The image has stayed with me...of feeling so lost and then being found. And this past week as I have reflected on this Easter weekend it is the image that stuck with me. Jesus went to the cross so that I, who was lost in sin, could be found....pretty amazing really.

I love this video, because it explains it all so we find ourselves lost, looking for love, for someone to find us, so fulfill us, to meet our needs....and how Jesus did that...check it  It is only four minutes long...and it could change your life! Won't you take the time right now?

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