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Monday, April 22, 2013


During this time of renewal and refreshing, I have begun to once again make cards. The past year or two I had little energy for creating anything. Simple survival took all of my energy.
But now I have time for recreation....or 're-creation'. I've heard it said that when we create something we do that which we were made to do. We are created in the image of the Creator himself and we have within us the power to create as well. And I am enjoying it very much! :-)
My cards aren't terribly artistic, or complicated. I don't have many techniques that I use(I can't remember most of the ones I did learn at some time) I mostly just use paper and a couple of punches, ink and a few stamps. I haven't spent thousands of dollars on stamps, inks, and fancy tools.
I can't draw, or even make fancy letters. And I'm not even very good at painting, even if it's just within the lines of the stamps. But I've come to realize that is still just fine...I don't have to compare myself to the fancy cards that others make. I enjoy this...and I give a part of myself when I give a card I have created.
The other thing I have been doing is 're-creating' cards that others have made and sent me or given me over the years. Dave's Mom was the one that got me started making cards. In fact when she started years ago, she used to show us what she had learned and the girls and I would spend hours making cards whenever we went to visit his parents. Heather makes cards even now, cute ones at that. She hasn't spent lots of money on materials and uses most paper. She is blessed with an artistic bent so she does all of her own lettering which makes her cards unique. I love getting them!
I've saved all the cards that we received that were handmade. And now I decided that I would work on re-creating them and re-gifting them to our family. Since most were made from their Grandmother or even Great-Grandmother they are extra special. I love the challenge of figuring out how to creatively remake them.
And the beauty of the cards lives on instead of gathering dust in an old shoe box! :-) So much fun!


Anneliese said...

You give yourself too little credit! You cards are beautiful and special to those who get them.
I do wonder in what ways you re-gift older cards.

Beck's Bulletin said...

Anneliese, the last three cards are all remade...I take the original card apart and use the front of it by choosing colors that I can mat it with to bring out the card's beauty. It's a really neat challenge and my family loves getting Grandma's old cards re'made...