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Friday, April 19, 2013

Things That Make Me Smile

I have to admit that I borrowed the title for this blog post from Heather, whose last blog post had the same name. But I thought it was just perfect for some pictures that I wanted to blog and wasn't sure how to tie them all together. So since today is Friday it's a perfect random day for some of my favorite things.....those things that make me smile! Like this plate that Caily and Lexi made for me and which sits on my window sill and reminds me of them every day. How I miss my Texas sweethearts and wish that they didn't live quite so far away.
This picture makes me smile because it shows my number 1 grandson who is growing up way too fast....and now he is missing both of his front teeth! I remember the Christmas that I was missing mine and singing 'all I want for Christmas is my two front teeth'. Is it really over 50 years ago?
Jaxon...what can say except that he always makes me smile! He is a character, always full of adventure and tall tales, and I am really going to miss my Mimi Mondays when he starts kindergarten in the fall.
Sun shining through my kitchen windows also always makes me smile! How I love having a kitchen that gets the morning sun. Oh and any kind of flowers on my table make me smile.
I love this picture of Kai and Halle just chilling with their Bup! How they love him and they love nothing more than just curling up in his lap. It definitely makes me smile!! :-)

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