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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Backyard Visitors

This bird bath is a special reminder of a special person in our lives. When Dave's father passed away 9 years ago, my ministry team gave it to us as a gift to remember him by. He loved bird watching and daily refilled the many feeders in his yard. He would love to sit here in our den and watch our backyard visitors.
 This Robin is a fact he has woken Dave up by his singing already!
 And how he loves his bath!!!!
 Meanwhile, this Rufous-sided Towhee waits his turn up in the Pine tree.....
...he is much too skittish to let me get a picture of him in the birdbath. But he does enjoy it! And we are just thrilled that even though we moved, we still have backyard visitors. I don't always have the camera in hand but we see sparrows, chickadees and lots of dark-eyed juncos as well. So much fun!
One last visitor is the big fat grey squirrel....I'm still waiting to see him try to get a drink out of the bird bath. Hopefully when he does I will have the camera in hand. :-)


Earle Expedition said...

Oh how Connor would love to sit in your den with you and watch the different birds. He is constantly asking which bird is what whenever we go places. We don't have the variety that you do but he loves watching for them when we travel to. He'll often find them in places that I can't even see.
I've loved reading all your posts lately. You're a real encouragement.

Anneliese said...

That towhee is so cute! And I thought you moved into a condo! =)