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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Flower Girl

53 years ago I was the flower girl on the left of this picture for my aunt and uncle, my father's younger sister. We have always had a special relationship so we were more than happy to drive my parents down to Sequim, Washington to visit them when they were out.
The years have passed and we are all grandparents fact I have more grandchildren than they do! Funny how that works sometimes. Over the years our family has often visited with them, and our children have lots of memories of time spent visiting them in Seattle.
We laugh a lot when we are together......laughter is so good for the soul!
My father came from a family of 9, but these two are definitely siblings!!! It was so much fun watching them catch up with one another.
After enjoying a delicious meal together, we had to get out and get some exercise. They took us to this amazing old Railway Trestle Bridge.....

It's part of a larger trail system that stretches for miles. The Johnson Creek Trestle is 410 feet long and 86 feet high, the largest railroad trestle on the Olympic Peninsula.
Next we made a stop at the John Wayne Marina where my cousin was married 17 years ago...
 ...and finally stopped at the Dungeness River Bridge.
 It was another amazing bridge, also part of the same trail system.....
...and as we walked we talked, we laughed, we remembered, and we treasured the time we had together. We will be back!

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Anneliese said...

I kept looking at that wedding photo and just could not "see" you. Neither of the girls looked like you. I guess I have never seen a photo of you as a young girl?Such a cool looking bridge!