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Monday, May 27, 2013

Another 23 Years of Walking

One of the things that my parents love to do is go for walks, something that Dave and I also enjoy.
So one of the days they were here, we headed down into a wooded area close to our house to show them the beauty of it.
They were amazed that we had such a beautiful spot so close to our home.
Dave found the perfect walking stick in Point-no-Point so my Dad decided he needed one too. :-)
And we were off!
As we walked, my Dad reminded me that if I kept walking every day, I could be his age and still walking this same trail...another 23 years worth!! I can only hope that at 82 I will still be walking up and down those same trails! :-) Quite the challenge!
Not sure what was so funny, but Dave caught my Mom and I sharing a moment..... was definitely a fun time! Great memories...
...and beautiful pictures! And a good challenge for me...if I want to still be taking long daily walks when I am 82, I had better keep on walking now, even when I don't feel like it or the weather isn't quite as beautiful. Something to keep me going that's for sure.

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