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Monday, October 07, 2013

Seeing Through the Fog

 There are times in our lives when life doesn't make sense. 
It hurts too much.
There is too much pain.
You start to wonder, 'God why?'
 We have been praying for Dave's cousin's 7 year old son, Connor, 
who was diagnosed with a brain tumor in the summer.
He had just finished one round of chemo and was facing another brain surgery.
Then on Thursday we got the horrible news...
'We therefore made the difficult decision to cancel the surgery and focus on Connor's comfort and maximizing the time we have with him.'
They have been so heavy on my heart.
How do you prepare a little boy that he is going to be seeing Jesus face to face,
very, very soon?
I still don't know the answer to that question.
But this weekend we were away at a retreat and this morning as I looked outside the window the view was shrouded in fog.
I knew what the view looked like,
but I couldn't see it.
An hour later at least I could see the outlines of the mountains.
And then by lunchtime, the incredible view was back.

God reminded me again that here on earth we see dimly,
like that fog this morning,
But some day we will see life from God's perspective,
like the perfect view this afternoon.
The view hadn't changed,
I just couldn't see it because of the fog.
The mountains were still there
so was the lake.

Connor will be seeing that heaven's view much sooner than the rest of us.....
Help me to remember that the view hasn't changed Lord.
And neither have You!
Would you please join us in praying for Connor and his family in these coming days?


Karin said...

Beautifully and meaningfully written. None of us know for what purpose the Lord has allowed us to be here on earth. We see dimly. When our purpose is complete, our job 'is finished', whether young or very old, we are perfect in Him! May the Lord comfort everyone as they are experiencing grief on this journey!

Beck's Bulletin said...

Thank you Karin! We are certainly being reminded that life is never a guarantee....

Anneliese said...

Thank you for this reminder of how "now we see dimly . . . but then we shall see face to face."
Words fall short on this kind of sorrow. We want healing, but God knows more . . . and His love is perfect. May his love comfort you and all of the family.