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Monday, August 04, 2014

Making Music

Growing up both Dave and I played an instrument(he the trumpet and I the piano). As a result, we encouraged all of our children to also learn music and all three played both piano and the trumpet! 
It's fun to be here in Texas this week and watch the next generation also learn how to play instruments.
 This picture of Lexi playing her guitar made me realize how quickly the time will fly by and she will be a teenager playing her guitar.
 Even Bria has her own guitar and knows how to strum with her pic.
 Whether it's Caily on her violin, or Lexi on her guitar, they take learning very seriously.
 Of course Colson doesn't want to be left out either...
 ...and Daddy encourages him to give it a try!
It won't be long before Daddy has his own family worship band leading the services with him.
 Lexi's first song is Jesus Loves Me...
...and Caily's repertoire is growing fast as she continues lessons through the summer! 
Such fun to watch and listen to!


Miss Debbie said...

So, you're in the US... Welcome! Sounds like you have some talented kids and grands! Wonderful!

Anneliese said...

I have a soft spot for anyone learning to play the violin.
Brings back the memories.