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Monday, December 08, 2014

The Greatest Gift

Unlike last year when our entire family was home for Christmas,
this will be a much quieter December. 
Our daughters and their families will be missing
so there are a lot less preparations happening.

A perfect time to reflect,
to be still,
to think about what advent really means.

Time to sit by the fire and read
and be challenged to daily think about what God has done for us.

I decided to be more intentional about it this year
and so I picked up Ann Voskamp's book
The Greatest Gift....

.....And she has challenged me,
 not to brush past it, 
to rush through it, 
to not see how it comes for you up over the edges of everything, 
quiet and unassuming and miraculous 

-- how every page of the Word has been writing it, reaching for you, coming for you.

And so I am enjoying the times of quiet reflection
unwrapping the Greatest Gift of all.

1 comment:

Anneliese said...

So very special to enjoy the quietness and listen to that quiet voice, rather than wish for what you cannot have this year.